Circle of Supporters

Below are messages of support from various organizations, shops and individuals for Muu toh Muu. We are grateful for their support and would like to further expand our activity circle hand in hand with many groups and individuals.

Support Groups and Shops (in chronological order)

NPO WINDS has kept a fair trade relationship with Yao people. We hope Yao people’s culture will gain a wider audience, their high embroidery skills will be recognized, and the Yao people can hand down their tradition for posterity with pride through the activities of Muu toh Muu.
Fair Trade Kazenoki (Wind Tree)
Ms. Tomoko Shimomura of Fair Trade Kazenoki wishes the Yao people’s fabulous embroidery will be kept and passed on to the next generation. May all the producers be able to smile and enjoy life.
Ms. Shoko Takehara of undyed+ wishes for the continuation of the beautiful traditional embroidery work, and is happy to support Muu toh Muu activities.
Fair Trade Fu’s (face to face shop)Homepage
Ms. Masako Rokushika of Fair Trade Fu’s (face to face shop)
Ms. Tamami Nagao of Satozuto

The Asian Women’s Center Homepage
Ms. Rikako Kakihara of the Asian Women’s Center has had a connection with Yao women’s embroidery through the handmade products of the Baan Toh Fan Group. In the fast-changing society of Thailand, the traditional embroidery of village women is heartwarming and provides an opportunity to reflect on our own lives.

Asian Women’s Empowerment Project (AWEP)Homepage

Individuals (in chronological order)

Ms. Junko Mitani looks forward to the opening of our HP and embroidery exhibitions.

Ms. Tomoko Ishiyama

Ms. Hiromi Yoshida

Donations and Support

Donation accepted in one thousand yen increments

Donations in support of Muu toh Muu activities are very much appreciated. Thank you.
Inquiry Form
Bank: Japan Post Bank
Account holder: Muu toh Muu
Business name/number: 438
Account number: savings account 8177222

Other ways to support Muu toh Muu

*Donate to our activity funds (in one thousand yen increments)
*Purchase our products
*Sell our products.
*Hold independent exhibitions of Muu Toh Muu products
*Participate in the Muu toh Muu events and study tours


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Sakaguchi, Rika, translator. Mien Embroidery: The Story of Prayer and Migration Woven into the Patterns (Originally published as LAO MIEN EMBROIDERY: Migration and Change. By Ann Yarwood Goldman), Bungeisha, 2011.


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